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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
I see that, but I was under the impression that cap space wasn't really an issue for the Habs this year. I could be wrong by not having properly factored in raises to the RFAs. For UFAs, I don't see much there this year, but maybe Bergevin sees Parenteau as a worthy investment at the 4 million or so that he's likely to get. I wouldn't bother, but I'm not GM (good thing, too).

About Gomez, it's entirely possible that he's already been gassed, but the team just hasn't announced it yet. But while I see your point about flexibility, I also think that flexibility means seeing whether there is any value to be gotten out of Gomez this year. If he does come back at even a 40 point form with respectable even strength performance, then that to me creates flexibility because it means depth at one of the most important positions.

I have no idea how much say Therrien has on the Gomez affair. Maybe it is totally out of his hands. But again, as a keyboard GM, I would demand from my new coach a blunt assessment of a 7.3 million dollar player only after training camp. To me, expecting anything less is not letting the coach do his job. If Therrien did come back and say, "He's healthy, in shape, and I think I can work with this guy," then that's fantastic, for as long as it lasts. It's certainly better than deciding to pay him 7.3 million to play in Hamilton before the first training camp drill.

I do see your point about giving Bergevin the flexibility to move onwards and upwards free of Gomez, but at the same time I would say to Mr. Molson, "Thank you for permission to burn your money, but I just have to be diligent first and let the man prove his worth or confirm his failure at training camp." And that's not a magnanimous gesture, just good management. If the Habs actually already have 4 decent centres in their roster, then that is good times.

In any event, if I had to make a prediction, I would say that Plekanec will not be moved any time soon. There are just too many less-than-probable things that would have to come to pass before it would be a good move.
You don't have to go after "big fish" UFA's to spend to the cap(or close) and need Gomez' cap room.

there are a few "B" UFA's that may be available for a short contract and decent cap hit like Jagr Whitney and maybe Semin. Bouwmeester might be on the block? Radulov? Guys like Salvador Allen and co on defense.

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