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06-29-2012, 07:04 PM
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Might have to swing a deal for a bottom pairing defender. Sarich coming off the market hurts. There are some decent ones left, but my guess is they'll get overpayed with the lack of players on the market. Milan Jurchina is a likely candidate for the 3rd pairing D spot on this team. He might be looking for a bigger pay day though. He's 27 and hasn't made a lot of money yet.

If we don't get Schultz, it might come down to the point of having Eminger/Player of his caliber on the 3rd pair and hoping McIlrath can be NHL ready mid season, Sauer comes back and play at a bottom pairing level at least, or getting someone at the deadline.

I would not be opposed to bringing Eminger to be the 6th and getting someone at the deadline or hoping the other two options take affect.

Sauer/McIlrath waiting to come in a play.

If they can get Schultz and have Sauer back by February/March their D going into the playoffs could be:


If Sauer can show he can play at the NHL level and remain healthy and Schultz is at least an NHL player, one of Del Zotto or Erixon could be moved to improve the forwards in the following offseason. With the prospects this team has it could turn into an embarrassment of riches in a couple seasons with guys like Fast, Miller, St. Croix, Skjei, Thomas, and Yogan in the system.

Finally, the team has a system in place and young players being pumped out of the pipeline to be used in trades on top of the young talented players we already have in the NHL. We can also replace players that look for the big payday with guys they've been developing over time. Maybe this is what it feels like to be Detroit, without winning the titles..... yet.

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