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11-29-2003, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ducksflytogether
I notice both Lindros and Kovalev are UFAs at the end of the season. So, should the Rangers not be in the playoff hunt, where do you think they may go?

I figure Lindros will end up in T-O. Even if the Rags are slightly in a playoff hunt. The guy really wants to go there, or so I've heard. In Philly, he was practicing with the Leafs urging them to trade him there. He may tell Slats thats where he's going next season and Slats may trade him there to get something for him.

Kovalev is a mystery. I figure maybe the Wings, if injuries occur to people like Stevie Y and/or Shanny. Since he's UFA, the Avs may take a gamle on him if Foppa's injury problems are with him at the deadline. T-O may also take a chance on him, as he'd benefit the team. Then all those people who got their Kovalev Leafs jerseys, after hearing all the rumors last year on thats where he'll go, can wear them.

What do y'all think?

*Also, just a little note here. This was the main trade rumor at the trade deadline before Lindros was traded:

To Toronto:
Eric Lindros

To St.Louis:
Sergei Berezin

To Philadelphia:
Pavol Demitra

Man, that looks like one scary trade, looking at it now.
Wouldn't that be considered tampering since he was under contract in philly

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