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06-30-2012, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by HalifaxDucks View Post
The concensus around most boards is Halifax is #1... And it hasn't really changed... Me thinks you're selling the D a little short, and it's especially better now with the return of KA, someone who is better than any D Moncton has. Each team seems to have its uncertainties from 5-7 on the backend (Weegar, Lovell) (McGurty, Wood?, Sweeney etc.) While the Moose lack big name talent, they're a very solid bunch, well demonstrated in this years run. I have no problem heading into a season with

KA - Gillard
Lewis - Duke
Hardie - Weegar

Is it great? No, but it's solid, which is what I want it to be... Not better than BLBs tho, which is no question #1 in my books.

Again as you pointed out, if Eichel reports it makes things better... I don't buy into Moncton being a deeper team tho.

Barbashev = Frk. Frk would almost get an edge as he has experience, and both have high ceilings. Boudreau > Lalonde and Ashley and Veilluex are pretty close. They had similar PPG, while Ashley wasn't always in the top 6 last year. And as I said the first lines are close.

Third goes to the Moose and the fourths are yet to be decided. But I don't see much that could rival Falkenham - Eichel as a start.

And goaltending. Dubeau has an edge with a Mem Cup victory, but Fucale was unreal... And I mean unreal. I assume Cam sees the need for a back-up to take pressure off Fucale so he's not seeing 72 consecutive games. Hopefully Zach will start sub 50-55 games this year, giving him more rest... And yes I suppose there's a chance of sophomore slump

And weren't you the guy who had Gatineau at #1? Lol
Cool, I don't care about the consensus though.. I'm also basing it on what coaches can do...

I think your smoking a little too much Halifax, I think everyone is, I like Monctons D alot, I think they are better then you and many others give credit for.

I love Frk, but Barbahsev might be better... But I do agree that Frk has the experience.

Ya I temporarily had Gatineau at #1...

I'll review the list again tomorrow.

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