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Originally Posted by JohnnyOnTheSpot View Post
Sawdalite if you order the kit from them, I have a buddy up in north Jersey that does all of my sewing/stripping for me, he does excellent work and would probably be able to help you. He turned a 37 into a 28 for me and it came off beautifully. PM me if you want me to give you his info. In post 151, he customized every one of the jerseys for me (providing him the kit) and the Howe patch Giroux was a converted Game Issued jersey.
Thanks, Johnny, but that ship has long sailed for me and that Leino (nee Knuble) jersey, and I'm good... but I will store that info for possible later revisiting... A little history on the jersey -- for those who've read it multiple times here, please excuse me -- When Knuble left for Free Agency in Washington I bought at clearance a Reebok Black Replica at a dirt cheap price... I already had a Black KOHO Knuble which I had him sign personally to me and wear to Flyers games he visits, so the clearance one ended up staying in my Jersey closet mostly untouched... When Leino clicked with Briere and Hartnell I decided to convert the extra Knuble over... VSZ did the job as I described and overlaid the nameplate matching the double-ply perfectly as I requested them to be careful and do... However, they at first looked at it and said it couldn't be done because 'their guys' (Philly Express) didn't touch previously heat-pressed customization... I suggested the overlaying and they agreed to do it with a nameplate larger in length than the old one... Bottom line they did a near perfect job for $25.00 (slightly higher than normal due to the multi-ply lettering).

Since it is a cheap Replica and a out-of-mode black, and I don't have another Leino, I don't think I would bother stripping it down to revamp it to another player who played in that style -- Leino played a few games in it, at the end of his first partial season here, as an Alternate -- I don't feel it is worth the expense... If it was an Authentic it would be another story, and worth it... I am constantly on the eye for a cheap multi-ply clearance jersey of a past player to convert -- like Carter to Simmonds -- and will keep in mind you 'guy'. Thanks again.

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