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Montreal Canadiens. Between 1964/65 and 1978/79 seasons inclusive they won 10 cups in 15 years. They went to the final 11 times in that span. Only the Leafs could beat them in a cup Final. Three different coaches and I don't how many players for sure. That's a freaking sports dynasty.

Three seasons from 75/76 to 77/78 they played 240 reg. seas. games. They won 177, lost only 29 and outscored the opposition by a few goals more than 2:1. I think lowly Detroit was responsible for a couple losses. Maybe three in one season.

That team that beat the Flyers was going to win no matter what the health of the Flyers were. IIRC Robinson put a Flyer forward through the glass early in the series then skated around glaring at the Flyers, daring them to do something about it and everybody knew that series was over.

I loved the Flyers orange uniforms. Bernie Parent was amazing. Shero was a coach who probably changed coaching forever. In fact again IIRC when Bowman came to the Canadiens as the answer to fix this talented bunch of under achievers he said the team needed a system just as Shero had started up for the Flyers.

The Flyers had a pretty good thing going but they lived and died by the sword. Parent wouldn't have made much of a difference IMHO. I doubt they'd have won a game. The Habs owned that series all the way.

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