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06-30-2012, 03:30 AM
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In addition to Cuban and the Jalen Rose story, Skip Bayless has also gotten into it with Charles Barkley (who called him an ass-hole and the one person on TV he couldn't stand), Terrell Suggs (called him a d-bag after Bayless insinuated Suggs was making excuses for the Ravens losing a game), Troy Aikman (Bayless wrote in his book that Aikman was gay based on a whole bunch of unsubstantiated rumors), Shaq (when Shaq announced his retirement, Bayless slagged his career, calling it a "disappointment"), Chris Carter (disagreed about the magical mystical powers of Tim Tebow), and Chris Bosh (invited Bosh on his show, then showered him with insults for 10 minutes while never really engaging in a proper conversation/debate)

Skip Bayless is the Jerry Springer of sports journalism, a sideshow designed to get eyeballs and mouse clicks by being as sleazy and smarmy as possible. Only difference is that with Jerry Springer, the show was an act. Can't be so sure with Bayless.


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