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06-30-2012, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Yeah with the the Estonian/Finland brotherhood it's just the will and interest from the Estonian populace that is lacking. Their players will have all the chances to go develope in Finland. I think Finland would also love beating Estonian, as Sweden always love to teach Denmark that we are still second-rate (no fun so long Denmark was thrid rate as Estonia still is).......Norway has offcourse won over Sweden once so they they can talk back a little when the swedish superiority-talk takes over (many regard the danish league as even worse than Latvians lol).
But a baltic triple would also be a spectator favourite.......
Imagine a future baltic cup: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania maybe with a rotating 4'th invitee?!
Yeah that would for hell of a rivalry especially between us and lithuanins the old story of best friends off the ice worst enemies on the rink
As a 4th invite i could see Poland,they use to be in elite not too long ago,but unfortunatley they started losing interest
Ofcourse for the first 10 years we would be the dominant betwwen the 4,but if estonians and lithuanians really start getting into hockey,who knows,btw lithuanians got mhl vilnius so thats kind of good for their development

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