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06-30-2012, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Vasculio View Post
I agree, but this crap is usually coming from the same posters, again and again, stirring **** up. They're just detrimental to any intelligent discussion some might have here... imagine if the 29 other teams, being in english places, wanted english first people only, ah man now that would be funny !

But, that french language issue is just a result of the inferiority complex Quebec people have, mostly. (I'm french first, coming from Quebec, and I'm ashamed to see that stupid crap going on and on... )

NOW, for Daigneault, from what I read, is an intelligent guy, passionate about what he does, and he has AHL experience, and worked with D prospects that had good potential, so I'm happy about his QUALIFICATIONS.
I am sick and tired too to talk about language issues. But I won't let anyone crap and bash my language and my culture.

This team has over 100 years of existence and its name is Le Club de hockey Canadien de Montréal... Not the "Habs". Not the CanadiAns. But it always had for the first 85 years of his existence a super blend of French and English Canadian players + some amazing Americans and some Europeans, my favourite being Mats Naslund.

Having some (not all) Francophones at key positions just make GOOD BUSINESS SENSE. Bergevin and Therrien are the ones who will have to face the medias (and then the fans) the most frequently over a hockey season - and off season too. A majority of people going to attend games at the Bell and paying big bucks to do so have French as their first language. The people watching games on RDS are in majority Francophones or Bilingual.

NOW. I was not overly thrilled when Bergevin and Therrien were hired. But Bergevin is proving everyday that he is a very clever hockey man. The guy has surrounded himself with a solid cast of advisors/assistants - and kept Timmins which prove once again last weekend that he is a top talent seeker. I am amazed by his top three picks, and I was kind of pissed off they drafted Hudon, another Corey Locke for me.
I like the fact that Bergevin - himself a product of many other organisations - has brought some talents that never were in the Canadiens'org before like Dudley, Mellanby, Lapointe and Gallant. Good to have different visions.

I would had prefer a guy like Groulx (from Gatineau) or Hartley over Therrien. But Therrien got experience and he is as good - or as bad - as 90% of the other NHL coaches. In three years, he,s gonna be gone. He's the type of coach needed on this team at this stage to re-boost them.

Since the end of the season and the beginning of the different processes to find a GM, his assistants and a new cvoaching staff for the Clubs in Montreal and Hamilton, it's always the same song: too many "French".... Of course it's too many, when you had none before. It's always suspicious. But just check at the ice level.... I see only ONE and he is almost a raw rookie: DD. Too many, I guess for some. And of course, he had a great year because he is playing with the two best wingers of the team...

But Mr Molson knows what he's doing and why. He knows his clientele, he knows his community, and he knows his family became nulti-millionaire throughout the centuries because the had French Canadians to work for them and buy their products in Montreal and in the province of Quebec.

My favourite players back then were Dryden, Robinson, Gainey, Mahovlich along with the Lafleurs, Lemaires and Cournoyers.

And today, I am still thrilled by our younger cast of Pacioretty, Subban, Price and DD. And I am really looking forward to see Galchenyuk, Collberg, Tinordi along guys like Leblanc and Bournival.

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