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06-30-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by WildcatMapleLeafs28 View Post
To the few who laughed when I said Penny and Johnston would get NHL invites. 3 Wildcats were invited to NHL camp..

Ryan Penny - Phoenix
Alex Dubeau - Montreal
Ross Johntson - Calgary
It really is great for Johnston.. Last year he was playing in the NBPEI midget league, then played half of a year with Summerside Caps, got called up to Moncton, and made the most of the oppurtunity. Kid is a real competitor out on the ice and it wouldn't surprise me if he gets a contract. If his skating was better, and he was in a little better shape, he probably would've been drafted top three rounds this year. He has a mean streak, he is smart, great hands, and most importantly.... He's 6'4". Love watching him. Great success story for kids who get drafted in the later rounds in the Q and still want to pursue the dream. Mark my words, Ross Johnston will play pro hockey one day. Maybe not the NHL, but he will play pro.

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