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Originally Posted by chsb View Post
At the present time, Bathurst has a better first line and a better 2nd line centerman while Moncton probably got a superior winger in Barbeshev....but he is only 17.
Can Banville/Lafontaine/Salvail at 18 YO be solid wingers for Lalancette or will the Titan need to go get a Tesink or a Brouillard to complete that 2nd line.
Will both 17 YO Euros the Titan picked be instant 2nd liners or will they need 1 year seasoning before starting to rise offensively?

The Titan, and I will remain on that position until further notice, got a superior 3rd line to anything Moncton can throw up there.

For the defense, I will say that Moncton got the edge as we speak and the Titan will need a veteran D to top up, somebody like Jimmy Oligny or Samuel Noreau.
They don't need that much PMD capacity as they got Girard/Godin/Fraser who are pretty good in that department and young Gosselin is also very good.
I would personally rather see them bring in Oligny instead of Noreau.

In goals,Dubeau is superior to anything the Titan has and it will remain the Titan wild card until we really see how our goaltending does.

The Titan offense will be better than last season in Bathurst and our defense too.
Fraser is 18 now and not bothered by injuries and nor is Houle who was delayed in his development by injuries.
Godin showed us that he was an excellent PMD with good transition skills last playoffs as he was a ppg defense in that period and ended at +2.
I expect him to be very good this season.

I could see the Titan trade for Trudeau at some point to back up Brennan in case McDonald is not ready.

I could see something like this next season:



The Titan could afford these 3 moves without affecting seriously their team the next season.

McDonald/Lyle/Marois/Gallant/Gosselin/Blanchard are all 16/17YO who could bring something interesting as a return plus the Titan have 8 picks in the first 5 rounds 2013 and have Raymond who might interest as an OA.

The Titan will have to determine if they go for it this season or wait to next season and hold on to their assets until the draft 2013.
It will be based on what the first season half brings us and on the situation of the OAs when October comes.

Either way we are guaranteed to have a very exciting team to watch and it is far too early to label them as a distant 3rd in the Maritimes.
LGM is determined to go all the way and this is something he showed before that he could manage.
Barbachev > Lalancette , but even if he didnt , you cant base that a line is better just because of a better center.

Oligny, Trudeau, Noreau is purely speculation that have about a 5% chance of happening. If we are talking possible trade then Ill say Moncton is going to acquire Dillon Fournier(top pairing QB), Henley or Mantha(2nd line LWs) and Appleby(backup)

Barbashev & Jaskin >>> Zboril & Zdrahal

*Not even close

Veilleux-Saulnier-Saulnier = Hynes-O'Brien-Bissonnette
Penny-Barbashev-Jaskin > ???-Lalancette-Zdrahal
Lalonde-Robichaud-Johnston < Zboril-Lafontaine-Banville

*Monctons far superior 2nd line outweighs Bathurst slight edge of the 3rd line

Moncton Offence > Bathurst

Moncton Defence >> Bathurst

Goaltending- Dubeau >>> Bathurst- Brennan (.863 save %)

Moncton coaching >> Bathurst

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