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Originally Posted by Avder View Post

Tell us something crazy you have done while drunk.
Nothing specific that comes to mind, nothing cool atleast. I've acted crazy and imagined I'm tripping balls being a preteen drunk, but yeah not that much of a story there.

Well I now just remember seeing my friend's girlfriend first time when we were boozing at another friend's apartment, and I admit I was being a dick and a pig but I found this funny the next morning nevertheless. I had talked with that gal on facebook (just getting to know each other, not behind my friend's back or anything) so I was already on pretty good grounds with her, 3 am me being drop dead drunk and shes almost sober I go to her "You know, I'd never hit a woman. Never... ... **** that I'm not a feminist!" and thats when I gave her a punch. I have 0 memory of this, but they swore I did so. Apparently was pretty hard, but left no damage whatsoever

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