Thread: Speculation: Parise / Suter, where do they go?
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06-30-2012, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
Inb4 tampering charge.
Crosby 2005: So tell me something about my wing situation

Patrick 2005: No problem kid, we got you covered. Didn't you see we signed Zigmund Palffy. That was all for you big boy.

Crosby 2006: Gratz on the hire Mr. Shero Sir. So, I know you are getting settled and all, but tell me something about my wing situation

Shero 2006: I have you at the top of my list. Remember the name Michel Ouellet. He is going to be a big star. Tons of untapped potential.

Crosby 2007: So about my wing situation . . .

Shero 2007: Colby Armstrong is your good buddy, right?

Crosby 2008: So back to that wing situation . . .

Shero 2008: What do you think when I say Pascal Dupuis?

Crosby 2009: Umm, wing?

Shero 2009: What you didn't like Pascal Dupuis? He looks like a puppy dog. Who doesn't like puppies?

Crosby 2010: Christ already, you found a ****ing wing for Geno?

Shero 2010: Well you were hurt and all.

Crosby 2011: God damn it, a 40 goal scorer for Geno and you can not find anything for me?

Shero 2010: They call him Super Duper, did you know that?

Crosby 2012: **** it, I will do it myself.

Parise: Hey Sid, what's up?

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