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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
well if Carlsberg ever sponsered the team it could be just Copenhagen Carlsbergs with a big green beer logo.
Funny thing I actually thought about that same question a couple of months ago. I came up with two possible names.

Copenhagen Classics
Copenhagen Royals

-Classics would be sponsored by Carlsberg Classic.
-Royals by Royal Unibrew.

Both possible candidates since they have tried hard to get established on the Russian marked for 15+years now, with limited success. I figured Carlsberg would be the most obvious since they didn't extend their deal with Liverpool FC, and they could afford it.

I also thought about some of the other questions as to where it should be placed and what the lineup would look like ect.

It has to be located in Copenhagen for travel and sponsorship purposes.

Ill put it all out there, just for fun.

Copenhagen Classics (eventough I prefer Royals),
Location Oerestaden Multi Arena, Copenhagen.
Sponsered by Carlsberg

Possible KHL Lineup:

Alexander Perezhogin (I) '83 - Marc-Antoine Pouliot '85 - M. Christensen '87
N. Hardt '88 - Dustin Boyd (I) '86 - Mike Iggulden (I) '82
J. Jakobsen '87 - M. Madsen '87 - T. Spelling '93
F. Storm '89 - P. Bjørkstrand '92 - K. Starkov '87
Extras (J. Jensen '87 - J. Karvinen '86)

Maxim Chudinov (I) '90 - Sergei Gimayev (I) '84
J. Jensen '91 - Oliver Lauridsen '89
S. Lassen '85 - S. Grønvaldt '91
Extras (K. Jensen '87 - P. Hersby '84)

Alex Auld (I) '81
S. Nielsen '86
Extra (S. Dahm '87)

Farm team (B-team) in the "Super Is-Ligaen":

Lasse Lassen '89 - Michael Daugulis (I) '85 - B. Møller '85
Kim Johansson (I) '88 - Sebastian Ehlers - Mark Mieritz
Rasmus Astrup - Christian Vaagensø - Michael Smidt
Patrick Rasmussen - Nikolaj Zorko - Nicklas B. Carlsen

Mike Rådde (I) '88 - Philippe Paquet (I) '87
Tobias Hansen - Tobias Ruelykke
Morten Allesøe - Marco Illeman
Extra (Emil Bigler)

S. Dahm '87
Frederik Jakobsen

*I = Import
*No Import players can move between the two teams, only danish born players.

Anyways, back to reality

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