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06-30-2012, 03:33 PM
Don't drive hungry!
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Originally Posted by AgentM View Post
That's perfect! It's probably best for her to not be around if you're going to obsess over tomorrow (which of course you will )

What do you think the proper beer for FA day is? Something Pittsburgh based to help with the Parise-to-Pitt karma?

My wife and I have season tickets to the musicals at Benedum each summer and tomorrow we have tickets for Annie @ 2pm. I realized this on Wednesday when I looked at our packet of tickets and started to freak out. Luckily my wife loves me and just laughed and said she'd take one of her friends with her and I could stay home and watch tv and play on my forums. That's why I love her
If we are talking karma, how about Rolling Rock? They left us for NJ, so Parise leaving NJ for us would balance things out on the karmic scale.

Of course, you might have to wash it down with a real beer.