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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
thats just it. We will be a tough team this year with Sutton, Eager, Smid, Harti, and Petrell. The team is tough too in that even Gagner beats up Jokinen once in a while. I dont see a problem with toughness. The Oilers will get run...and then we will kill the team on the PP. cheap shots will be noted, and then get proper response when beneficial for us. eventualoly all the shots were accounted for. "oh my stick slipped... that was for your run at RNH. hopefully your eye heals".

Not worried one bit. if people care about their careers they best stay within the rules. this is a tight TIGHT dressing room. i can see some harsh justice being delivered if necessary. Accidents happen.

But all n all i didnt think many teams ran our players. Dallas was actually the only dirty team and it was mostly their finesse players that were being thedirty ones (ribeiro was a big one). Calgary and Vancouver werent cheap... playing hard is not cheap. Our players have had injuries of bad luck not cheap shots.

ALSO- hall and Whitney have had their shoulder/foot issues for a while. the Oilers advised both to get them dealt with when they did.
I also Guarantee you the NHL and Bettman will harshly protect our players.

I also would like to point out that Sarich delivered a couple big hits in the first period of a game last year. the oilers responded by throwing eager and petrell out to just dump pucks in and hammer him. HUGE HITS. hit our guys...get a target on your back. I guarantee you will be hit more than our guys. i liked eager just throwing the puck right to sarich and plowing him into the boards. dont give if you arent willing to be a constant punching bag. 2 hits equaled 48 minutes of having the puck dumped at you then smashed repeatedly. much better response than throwing out a fighter so sarich can turtle and get off the ice for 5... or sarich has a chance to save face and gets momentum plus 5 minutes away from any chance to hit him. Keep him on the ice and just pliow him into retirement. try to put him into the fifth row. have bets on how many teeth you can knock out of his mouth. take turns.

Point is retribution can be fun and entertaining. keep notes and destroy. dont fight and have it over in 30 seconds. aim to make your opponent pee blood. hit him over and over and over and over.
How is that any different then last year when those guys were also there...I know the last 2 weren't up the whole season, and thus I don't know to much about them. But I do know one thing, if the first two are ever on the ice together or combined get more than 20 mins of ice time, expect another lottery pick...Especially Sutton, when he isn't getting walked around on the rush, he is walking to the penalty box.

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