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06-30-2012, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
As a team that can be competing now you can't wait for prospects to pan out because if they don't pan out now you've wasted 2-3 waiting and your in the same place you where 2-3 years ago with not enough talent to win and a bunch of dead weight that would be tough to move.
I'm not saying that we can't or shouldn't make FA moves every year... but I wouldn't make long-term commitments to any player if I'm Bowman. You get guys who can fill roles and fill them more than adequately and hope that your prospects will take their spots eventually.

We're in a bit of a transition right now, as much as others would disagree or think that we're not. We have a glut of prospects that should pan out to be top 9 players and 2nd/3rd pairing defensemen. You don't go out and sign a guy like Suter/Parise who will be part of our core with the guys we have now.

I know others will disagree with me, and that's fine, but I see a clear plan in Bowman's actions. I can see why some would be angered by it, but to me, I'm perfectly okay with it. It's not about right now when you have the prospects we have. You put together the absolute best team you can via FA and trades every year but realistically, you're not putting together an all-star caliber team every year. You can't always overpay for FA and roster players from other teams just to fill one spot. To be successful, you have to draft well. Those prospects that you develop are key in putting together a cup-winning team. We've all seen it happen in 2010... it just takes some patience.

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