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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
I got it from the player usage charts posted here a couple weeks back.
This particular assertion was made by Derek Jedamski (Buffalo_87 on here, part of this blog).
I trust his evaluation is correct as he is very knowledgeable in this field and the charts weren't published by a bunch of nobodies (it was spearheaded by Robert Vollman of Hockey Prospectus and Hockey Abstract and had many notable people contribute to it), so one would think that content published within it would be accurate.

Here's the excerpt:
He is using percentage of starts in the offensive zone to make his arguemnt but is incorrectly asserting that it means he played more than anyone else in the offensive zone. Thats plain wrong.

If Adam starts 57.7% of 19 shifts in the offense zone and Pommer starts 54% of his 31. Guess who started more times in the offensive zone? Thats from one game in November -vs- Winnipeg.

Basically you are being misleading and trying to make it seem is if Adam had offensive opportunities handed to him on a silver platter even after his time on the first line. Once he left the top line that simple wasn't the case. Not when no one else on the team was producing offense either during this time frame.

Why Adam is being singled out is beyond me.

His top 4 linemates.

Vanek 35.1%
Pommer 35.1%
Leino 24%
Kassian 22.7%

I hope folks see the huge drop offensively from his first two.

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