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06-30-2012, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
He reportedly wanted to play for a Canadian team and I can't blame him for taking full advantage of the situation.

I mean, what's that appealing about Anaheim?
They're a cap floor team that seems to be headed for a rebuild.
Their top five scorers this next season could conceivably be on different teams or retired by this time next year (Getzlaf and Perry are set to become, as of right now, UFAs next July, Ryan is apparently being shopped, and Koivu and Selanne are old).
Since they have no depth, they're likely to be horrible after losing Koivu and Selanne and it gets even worse if they lose Getzlaf and Perry for nothing.

Even though Edmonton has been awful, at least they have their best players contracted for the foreseeable future and he'll likely be a big part of a team that projects to continually get better.
Here's a thought experiment for us fans. Schultz doesn't exist, he is you. Same draft year, same college performence, same realities in the NHL. Would you not want to leave and come play for the Sabres? Or a contending team? Or a team that appears to have an extremely bright and at least exciting future (Oilers)?

To me this is substantially different than Lindros refusing to play for the Nordiques or when a guy demands a trade in-season. I think it is much less worthy of being judged negatively, though personally I am not very judgmental of those other behaviors either. While I'm sure the Ducks have done a thing or two for him since he was drafted, with him being in the NCAA I reckon that was relatively minor and in either case they were simply looking out for themselves. He doesn't owe them anything and is free to take advantage of the rules of the CBA.

* Caveat: I do not know particulars of the situation which could potentially alter my perception, such as dialog between prospect on team, promises made, etc.

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