Thread: Speculation: Brodeur?
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07-01-2012, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Panteras View Post
well you sure as hell where pissed about my comment, Kovalchuk hater ()......quick search on what dude? what are you even talking about, yes I know there's tweets and rumors bla bla what's your point? you know damn well that it's a common occurrence on this section of the boards that every time there's an UFA we get the usual "big name player coming to Florida" thread, and these threads are full of people talking about how "big name player" will consider our summer weather and cool beaches as some sort of lure it's freggin pathetic man seriously ..ohh yeah I heard he has a house here, he came and spent a summer here and partied at Liv @ the Fontainebleau, he'll wanna come to Florida...
Had nothing to do with houses, Dreger Tweeted Florida was a possibility. Thus, it's being discussed...on a message board. What part of that did you miss?

Had nothing to do with Kovy, and everything to do with your post blasting people here when you dot seem to know where his being a possibility came from.

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