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06-30-2012, 11:28 PM
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I am convinced it was an offer sheet but covered up to not be an offer sheet...

Doug Weight traded to StLouis Blues for spare parts.

To this day I am convinced that this is how it went down. Aterix statement are known truths.

STL filed offer sheet.
Weight camp got offer sheet
*Weight approached the Oilers about coming close to the same numbers. Met With Kevin Lowe about the offer sheet. Kevin laid out a plan for paying Weight 6Mill (a 2 million dollar pay cut) but showed how with Smyth Niinimaa and Salo all earning so much, the team on a 20 million dollar budget and other players needing to be signed the oilers just could not compete. It is known from Lowes own mouth that Weight would have taken a sizeable pay cut but in the end the entire team budget would not have been able to sign the other players.*
Weight tells STL to call the Oilers and work out a trade
Oilers, from a position of no power, work out a deal that gives them present day compensation instead of the futures in DPs that would have resulted from the offer sheet.
Oilers make a trade and get what was possible.
Weight signs huge extension hours later after being flown to STL for the press conference.

Saddest day of being an Oilers fan for me because no one saw it coming and Doug Weight was pure class all the way. To this day that guy can have the key to this city... just like Wayne Mark Paul Glenn Grant and the boys.

Worst Canada Day ever
I was just a kid and i remember grown men crying on the radio. Grown men talking about how Doug had helped their daughter at the Childrens cancer or Childrens burn unit at the university hospital. How Doug Weight went out of his way to bring a kid who was hit by a puck to his private box to watch the rest of the game and get auto'ed jersey and stuff. The hours and hours him and his wife put into charitys. Grown men crying dude.
Weight is still awesome. I wanted us to get him in 06... carolina gets him... carolina beats us. fitting.

Still stings to this day.
still to this day oiler fans will remember that every year on July 1st. always trading or losing players when they got good.
started with Richardson, then Cujo (ill sign with you guys i promise), then Guerin gets traded because our top line was the best in all of hockey and GMs were warning us to trade right away or theyd move in, Comrie using a hole in the CBA to become a UFA but we sign him before he does.

BUT Weight leaving was devastating

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