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07-01-2012, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by wahsnairb View Post
because he happens to be the best player on the jackets.. a player who was blowing up putting up 40 goal seasons at a young age before he got a contract.. a player who is literally the face of a poorly managed franchise. they pay him that much because he means and meant that much to the team.

he is an elite goal scorer.. a power forward who can hit and play strong d when asked to focus on that (and played his best in a defensive system).. and he got paid to be both an elite scorer and marketable.
"Elite goal scorers" don't cap out at 41 when they are 19.

Nash is a very good goal scorer, but let's not get crazy here. Ovechkin Stamkos, Kovalchuk etc are elite goal scorers.

Half the reason why Columbus has been a complete dumpster fire for years (besides brutal player development and bad managemnt) is because of WHO they picked to build around. Rick Nash is not a player you build around, and Columbus found this out the hard way.

Pay a premium price for a not so premium player and try to build around a guy who is more of a first line complementary piece to an actual franchise player = Columbus in a nut shell.

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