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06-30-2012, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Dayjobdave View Post
You should go to the Pride week festivities. My introduction to this came from two sources. A client who travelled here from out of town for Pride week because he felt, living in Texas, that he could not express himself there safely who felt totally supported and comfortable in Toronto for the first time ever, and through the son of one of my best friends, who pretty much felt the same thing.

It's a celebration of people being allowed to be who they are. In much of the world, being who they are is a condemnation, and maybe even a death sentence. The fact that they close 4 blocks of Church street for a week, and during that week people who would feel uncomfortable or unsafe anywhere else in the world come here to be accepted for who they are, is a fantastic thing and a great tribute to our city.

You should go. No one will bother you. It's a great party. I guarantee you will be struck by how moved many young people are that they can finally just be them when they are in that 4 block zone. It's amazing. They need our support and the world is a better place for accepting them.

It's cool. And we can all still get up on July 2 and be truculent. It's ok.

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