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07-01-2012, 12:30 AM
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So Nonis has absolute power to sign players to contracts while Burke is unavailable? As long as someone is manning the helm tomorrow at noon, then it's fine. I'll admit, I'm a little put off by Burke neglecting his primary duty, which is to build a better hockey team in Toronto. He can blow all the hot air he wants about how being a good citizen in the community and supporting various causes will lead to success for the team, but I'm sick of hearing it. Screw the community, his responsibility is to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs fans who go to the games to watch the team are the ones who are paying his hefty salary, and we deserve a winning product for once. We aren't paying him to be a good man and solve world hunger or wipe out AIDS, we are paying him to help the Leafs win hockey games. So he'd better either be totally available tomorrow at the drop of a hat to do the job he was hired to do, or else let Nonis have control. If the latter is the case, then I apologize for overreacting. But if not, then I've just had it up to here with Saint Burke concentrating his efforts on winning the Nobel Prize while our hockey team spends yet another season in the doldrums while spiralling to the bottom of the standings yet again.

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