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07-01-2012, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by smoke meat pete View Post
Of course it matters what you want. You want him working 24 hours tomorrow. You obviously want something done, but it has to include:

1. Play the kids.

2. Win now.

I thought what you wanted him to accomplish, was nothing at all. You are creating something out of nothing and it makes absolutely no sense at all. You are hating for the sake of hating.
I see two scenarios happening tomorrow.

1. Leafs sign a free agent, Mess points to previous history with free agents, bashes Burke, complains about not "playing the kids"

2. Leafs don't sign a free agent, Mess points to our record, bashes Burke for not improving the team.

Burke just can't win. He would literally have to save Mess's kid from a burning building to get any thanks or props.

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