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07-01-2012, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Dreakon View Post

Let me piece this together for you, you half-wit.

Semin is a 40 goal scorer.

What determines what wins a hockey game? Thats right, whatever team has more goals than the other one. With Vanek scoring goals, and Pominville scoring goals and Semin scoring goals, that's like ****ing 120 goals right there. Get it? Maybe even more if you count the other guys too.

Jesus Christ.
It's always embarrassing when people try to mock others and it doesn't end up being funny nor undermine their actual positions.

#1 Semin has a positive impact on his linemates defensively as well as offensively. Is he an elite two-way player? No, but he helps rather than hurts.

#2 Yes, the game is about scoring and stopping goals. If you have a guy who scores 30+ goals and also doesn't hurt you (or even helps) defensively then you are that much closer to winning.

#3 Those of us you are attempting to mock are all people who know full well the value of size, toughness, heart, etc. We know the Sabres need those things, but Semin doesn't disclude improvements in those areas. Further, as people may not be aware, Semin has very good size for a winger and though he isn't a physical force, his size means he is not easy for the defense to bully. He is 6'2 and 210-212 pounds.

#4 Semin would help the other offensive players on this team because he has a positive impact on linemates offensively, just like he does defensively, both of which are easily demonstrable. He would also take defensive attention off other lines as well as pressure to score in general.

Again, the reasonable arguments against Semin are numerous and considerable. It's not necessary to attempt to mock others because of their valid debunking of the less reasonable arguments. I'm a big boy and I am more than comfortable with people trying to insult me but in this scenario it really does not reflect well on you.

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