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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
the game has changed since the 70s. The Flyers have Rinaldo who Lavy likes despite his stupidity. they have Shelley who plays what 15-20 games a year? then there is Sestito who is barely a NHL player.
This organization has little use for Tootoo.
I started watching hockey and became a Flyer fan in the 70s. the game was different then. Line brawls and bench clearing brawls were a common occurance.
Give me 3 forwards on the 4th line who are good defensively, can bring some energy and can chip in some goals. I dont want another player who will add 150 PIMS to the team and little else.
I agree that Shelley is a waste and not needed in todays game, especially with even his fighting skills severely eroded at this point in his career and the Boogey man no longer on the Rangers rest his soul .But i certainly would not put Tootoo or Rinaldo in his " enforcer" type category, because players like these guys can skate and bring much more to the table than Shelley etc..
A guy like Tootoo is one of them players that i think can play an important role on a club,as can a player like Rinaldo etc.Certainly stupid penalties now and then,and "reputation" calls by refs are something that you have to live with with "spirited" players of these sorts, but you do not want to reel these type players in too much and handcuff the high energy spirited play they can bring to a club....I have been watching the Flyers since 1967 and agree the game has changed in many ways,but i still pay my money to watch a nice mix of highly skilled lines, and high energy balls to the wall lines on a hockey team......especially a Flyers team.

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