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07-01-2012, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by flameaholic View Post
So a right handed shooting powerplay quarterback is not what we need? Did you pay ANY attention to our PP last season?

As I said in the previous thread, if you don't like what the Flames are doing, feel free to cheer for another team.
You know what, people like you are getting sickening to listen to. If some Flames fans are no longer drinking the kool-aid after missing the playoffs 3 years in a row they have the right to bash management. It doesn't mean he should cheer for another team it means he has a different opinion than you. This is the reason so many Flames fans get pegged as delusional and whiners when people bash Feaster because people like you can't accept that you can cheer for a team AND disagree with moves they are doing. I also hold the same viewpoint and have been a fan for twenty years now so you can shut up with your little comments on being "a real fan".

And no, one powerplay quarterback is not going to be the difference between 9th place and 1st place and if you seriously think that you are delusional.

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