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Originally Posted by DenGC View Post
Lasse Lassen '89 - Michael Daugulis (I) '85 - B. Møller '85
Kim Johansson (I) '88 - Sebastian Ehlers - Mark Mieritz
Rasmus Astrup - Christian Vaagensø - Michael Smidt
Patrick Rasmussen - Nikolaj Zorko - Nicklas B. Carlsen

Mike Rådde (I) '88 - Philippe Paquet (I) '87
Tobias Hansen - Tobias Ruelykke
Morten Allesøe - Marco Illeman
Extra (Emil Bigler)

S. Dahm '87
Frederik Jakobsen

*I = Import
*No Import players can move between the two teams, only danish born players.

Anyways, back to reality
He wouldn't be an import on DR roster.

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