Thread: GDT: 2012 UFA season frenzy
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07-01-2012, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by UniversalRemonster View Post
I don't think offering $7m to Sutter/Parise is crazy. Not that we would ever find out, but I EXPECT that we make offers on both.

We should offer Parise 6yr/$42m NTC/NMC
We should offer Suter 6yr/$45m NTC/NMC

If their agents go, "we're looking for more money", then fine. Just say thanks for listening to our offer but we can't go higher, and walk away.
I expect both to sign huge deals which have their cap hit deflated by front loading contracts. Watch for Ehrhoff-like money on both up front., I reckon. That's the biggest issue - Wilson has never shown a willingness to engage in these sorts of deals and I'm inclined to agree with the policy - it's a short term placation with a long term consequence. Look how many of those contracts look silly already?

As for offering NMCs, I'm also skeptical about them at this stage - teams who overburden themselves with a lot of these are really limiting their options further down the line. CapGeek suggests we already have 5 (JT, Patty, Handszus, Boyle and Burns) - adding 2 more (and presumably on long term deals) seems dangerous to me, but perhaps I'm just risk averse...

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