Thread: Salary Cap: $64.3M Upper Limit for '11-'12
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07-01-2012, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
Fehr was hired for entirely different purposes than being bent over like you constantly insinuate- we will all see what happens but I do not believe that the cap goes down or even stays the same. Just my opinion tho
Then there won't be a season in 12-13. Bettman and Batterman have already shown they are willing to cancel an entire season to get what they want. The NBA and NFL players took a % cut. Batterman(outside counsel) represents the NHL and NFL. He was driving force behind the NFL lockout. How did that work out for the players? They got their ***** handed to them.

What did Bill Guerin say?

There was not a single NHL player during the Great Lockout of 2004-05 who was a bigger proponent of the union's fight than this man. No one believed in the cause more than Guerin, and to hear him admit this is a bit stunning.

"I learned a big lesson: It's not a partnership. It's their league, and you are going to play when they want," he said.
"We could have waited two years and they would have waited us out -- I would have given an extra 2 percent back to play that year," Guerin said. "When you are in the heat of battle, and you are fired up, you don't think what they are doing is right. But it's not about what is right or wrong -- it's their league. It's theirs. I feel, personally, I didn't like guys giving up a year of their career, for what? A few less bucks? Guys are making more money now than they ever have."

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