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07-01-2012, 10:02 AM
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Post Dispatch: Contending is Blues' top task

The day of free agency comes and there is an article titled "contending is blues' top task".

After reading it, it was very apparent to me that the Blues have no interest in doing anything significant in free agency. I think the chance of us taking a run at Garrison in free agency is slim to none.

Why title the article that and then spend the majority of it discussing how mid-markets cannot do anything in free agency.

I knew that we would not be involved for the big names but a team that had 109 points is not too far away from being a legitamate Stanley Cup Contender. adding a top-four without giving up assets would most likely, pay for it self when the playoffs rolled around. If there is no signings, a significant asset (perron, berglund, etc.) will need to be moved to add that piece.

Hopefully, they prove me wrong but the spin from that article was crystal clear. DO NOT EXPECT MUCH!!

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