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07-01-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Crazed Fan View Post
Let me break it down for ya:
Yandle: 26 yrs / 5 seasons / 187 points
Boyle: 35 years / 14 seasons / 505 points / Stanley Cup Winner
The pace Yandle is on he will eclipse Boyle in points in his career.
Why the Coyotes would want to trade a 26 year old for a 35 year old is anyones guess. There is only so much "veteran experience" that is needed in Phoenix. Getting Boyle for maybe 5 more years (if theyre lucky) OR keep their stud defenseman and keep him for possibly another 14 years. Pretty easy to see why Phoenix wouldnt see the value in this San Jose offer.

Runblad: Recent 1st round pick / 22 years old / half a season / 7 points
Vlasic: 25 years old / 6 seasons / 133 points
Vlasic is a good defenseman. I could understand why there would be interest from a Phoenix point of view. Runblad is already a journeyman, not 40 games into his career. Phoenix obviously sees his potential, but that doesnt always translate. Vlasic has a higher value in this deal.

Gormley: even more recent first round pick / 20 years old / hasnt played yet / hes well wicked
Demers: 7th round /25 years old / 3 seasons / 58 points / rather underwhelming 5-6 d man
Gormley has the potential to be in a top pairing and certainly a much better player to take the risk on in Phoenix. Do you really want me to tell you why Gormleys potential is better than Demers reality?

While Vlasic brings something to the table his plus side hardly compensates the value that Gormley and Yandle bring. Runblad is a question mark, but even then, why give up on a guy you havent really played (and traded a former first rounder for). A veteran in Boyle, while he is skilled is just that, a veteran. And at 35 Phoenixs D loses 9 years on that deal alone. Combine that with the other 8 years in the other 2 deals and Phoenix has no choice to say no. Phoenix has the D men that took them to the conference finals on their team right now. Losing the key piece on their d, and sacrificing their future for a decent d man, an old player and some scraps is hardly what they need to do to make them a contender. In fact, bringing in some fresh talented young prospects in Gormley and Runblad might be exactly what they need to push them over, all while keeping Yandle. For those reasons this will make San Jose a much better team the next season. 17 years younger with higher skilled players.

And before you call me on my love for the Coyotes, look where im from, i dislike them more than any other team.

I stand by my original comment. San Jose is the only team that wins this deal.
I wouldn't call you on your "love for the Coyotoes" and I appreciate your use of the 'well wicked' argument in Gormley's defense, but I would contend your post severely underrates Vlasic and Jason Demers' potential, which at least explains to me why you think SJ would do this deal.

In the way you acknowledge that Phoenix would be nuts to trade Boyle for Yandle (I absolutely agree) straight up given their age discrepancy, I don't think you've stopped to consider whether SJ would trade it's best defensive defenseman (25 years old, with over 500 games NHL experience already, including nearly 70 in the postseason) and another promising youngster who has nearly 200 games for two prospects with a combined 30 games in the NHL. When it's trying to win now?

If you think the answer to that is "yeah, absolutely", then I would question yours or anyone's sanity. San Jose would not do this deal because it's not looking at winning a deal in the long run, it's looking at being competitive now. Removing Boyle, Vlasic and Demers from the Sharks line up takes your #1B, #2/3 and #5/6 blueliner away for another #1B (not a knock on Yandle - just being honest about where I see Brent Burns on this team) and two guys would have to compete for a single bottom pairing slot on the roster this year while we have Burns, Stuart, Murray, Braun already under contract.

You assume Demers has hit his ceiling, which is shortsighted. I don't believe he's a better prospect than Gormley was as he entered the league by any stretch but we all know what you do before you get here is rated more on HFBoards than it is in reality. Demers will continue to improve, I have no doubt. What his actual ceiling is, I don't know yet.

But most importantly here is the insinuation that Vlasic is a "good defenseman". All things considered, I think that substantially underrates his impact in this deal. If you run a comparables search on CapGeek, there's not a single name there other than Alex Edler that I wouldn't trade him for (nor is anyone there even remotely near his age/experience combination), and Edler will get a big raise in his contract next year...

Thanks for your assessment though

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