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11-30-2003, 04:03 AM
Jeff from Maine
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Where Do I Start??

Where to begin...

1. There were a number of replies here that say the Bruins are being singled out. Or they say that Bruin games have horrid officiating. Its NOT the Bruins people!!!! Its NHL HOCKEY IN GENERAL!!

Go to ANY teams game and you will see the 2 or 3 best players on EVERY team geting held, clutched, and grabbed all night long!

And before we spit anymore of this Bruins Are Getting Screwed mantra....I guess you guys dont watch the BRUINS play defense do you...

Boynton, O`Donnell, Thornton and others hold ALL NIGHT LONG!

Teams do it to us...we do it to them!

And as HG researched, other teams are SH MUCH more frequently than the Bruins are!

2. So what that we skated for ONE game! we slide our feet on the ice and call it skating. And wow we hav ONE line that grinds and plays in the high contact areas...well, 2 if you consider the McCarthy/Grosek combo.

Which 2 lines consistently draw penalties?? Thorntons and the Grosek/McCarthy lines. Sammy and his line will never consistently get calls and its easy to explain...they dont hit and get hit! Bergeron and Lapointe are NOT guys who go out and INITIATE the physical game. On parks in the crease and doesnt move, and the other parks his butt in the corner and doesnt move! And Samsonov skates in circles all night and opponents rarely chase him...they WAIT him out! How in the heck are you going to draw penalties when you play like that??

And the Rolston line? Well, they play a perimeter game as well. Green slashes all night long. he has 30 PIM...should be closer to 60 if the refs called him for the OBVIOUS things he does. But they dont crash the net offensively.

To EARN PP`s you have to play in the high contact areas CONSISTENTLY!

And you have to shut your whiny mouths and play the games. I would hate Thornton and Boynton if I was an opposing teams fans. I would ride them for whqat they both are....whiny babies who cant handle calls on them and non-calls against them.

Well guess what guys...the Bruins are FAR fom the only team that has games in which the reffing isnt great.

The whole Bruin nation needs to suck it up and quit being excuse makers.

Players/teams that make excuses are people/players/teams that cant do it on their own. They need a crutch for their own failings.


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