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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
So far Bergevin gets a firm D- from me.

He hasn't sign any long-term crippling deals, but that's the only positive.

He's loaded the team with enough fourth-liners to fill two fourth-lines, and re-signed an ex-Hab for what appears to be purely sentimental reason.

He has tripled up in areas that have less significance and the Habs had no holes (4th-line forwards, bottom-pairing D-men).

He has failed to address any area of need (top-6 LW, top-4 D-man).

At this stage, the Habs are only marginally better than the team they ended up 11-12 with (excluding Gionta's return to health, which is a freebie) and significantly worse than the roster they started 11-12 with.

It also seems that the Habs' team-building philosophy is taking a sharp turn towards "hard to play against", which in a way is code for "not really hard to win against". This is not a good thing.

There's more to be had, Bergevin is not done (as pushing back his press conference indicates), and even he has to realize he needs no more 4th-line forward (and could stand to lose one or two). So this grade is hardly final and there's still time for him to do something that actually improves the club.

Yet, I leave you with this thought: Gauthier's defining UFA signing was Erik Cole. So far, Bergevin's is Brandon Prust.
And I would take both on my team in a heartbeat.

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