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11-30-2003, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
Geez, am I that easy to predict?

I would trade Poti for Gill and 2nd.

Poti is not providing any offense right now. But he's still good for at least one bad play in his own zone a night. +/- is a very tricky stat when you are looking at defensemen. Gill is +6 (not sure where you got even from) as a defensive defensemen playing as top four defenseman. I think that is a more impressive stat than Poti being +4 as an offensive defenseman now playing on the third pairing. And Gill has only 2 fewer points than Poti does.

Bouchard has the same amount of points and is +4 as well and he has played in 9 fewer games. Between Bouchard, deVries, Malakhov (who has twice as many points as Poti does) and Mironov (one fewer), Poti's production (or lack thereof) is easily compensated for. I think Poti is expendable.

And to not trade Poti because you think the league is going to open up the game is simply irrational because you're worrying about something that has not happened and may not happen. You can't make trades with that kind of thinking.
well on it said gill was a even rating. oh well.

as for his production, rucinsky started off slow and everyone wanted him gone but now he is on fire and earned his keep. i think poti needs a little more time. i mean, how many offensive chances can you take when you have to cover up for kasparaitis?? and i think him being on the 3rd pairing is more of the fact that the other 2 pairings are playing well to earn more time.

i am not deadset against trading poti, if it improves the team i am all for it. the only problem i have is that many people bash poti without looking at the numbers and facts just because he doesnt hit people. also, they say trade him for does that help? i would rather have poti than garbage.

if we trade him to boston i would love to get jeff jillson. good offensive-defenseman that is a a little better than poti as of now in his own zone.

and if worrying about the game opening up is irrational, why do you worry about jagrs salary against a tax/cap when that hasnt happened and may not happen? same thing here so you cant call me irrational while you project into the future as well.

and again, malakhov is 35, leetch is 35, mironov is 31 and bouchard is 30. sure they are producing this season but will they even be around the next season and produce like they are today? thats why if we trade poti we should get a young offensive defenseman as part of the deal.

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