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07-01-2012, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Pancakes View Post
It's not giving up on him. If he does well he can still come up and earn a spot depending on injuries, etc.

Just giving Tangradi a spot without making him earn it. That's a bad plan. Especially on a team with cup aspirations. We aren't in the business of throwing young players on the team and hoping they don't sink. They need to earn their spots. We're in win now mode.
You don't throw away a potentially good player to keep Craig Adams. He will be in the NHL this year. If its not with us, someone else will pick him up on waivers. And he has earned a spot over Adams. He is a better player. With Glass here, Adams is now at best our number 5 PK guy behind Cooke, Dupuis, Sutter and Glass.

Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
I don't really care how 'good' our 12th forward is. I want someone that's going to help keep Sid and Geno in one piece
Right, Asham has done a great job of that

Originally Posted by Pancakes View Post

I'm just not comfortable with handing him the reigns completely. I'm fine with giving him a chance, but I'd like to have insurance in case he continues to be ******.
But you are happy with Adams there, who is **** and is getting ****tier

Adams as the 13th is fine I guess, though honestly I'd rather Jeffrey.

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