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07-01-2012, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post


“I can tell you that’s the worst I’ve ever heard an analyst say about any player,” Gandler told “What bothered me was that the host [James Duthie] did not step in.”

During TSN’s broadcast, McGuire accused Semin of being a bad teammate, adding, “he’s the ultimate coach killer, that's what he is.”

Crawford was just as critical of the 28-year-old Russian. When comparing him to Zach Parise, Crawford said, “You either take a guy who’s a complete winner, or take a guy who’s a complete loser. [Semin] falls in that category.”

Gandler said he believes Semin was the victim of Russian prejudice.

“If they said anything like that about any of the Canadian players…,” Gandler said. “It’s just prejudice and there is no place for that in the National Hockey League.”

Gandler said Semin is just as valuable as a free agent as New Jersey Devils forward Zach Parise.

“In fact, Semin’s stats are better than those of Parise,” Gandler said. “The only way to attack that is to call Semin names I have to tell you I’m going to check with my attorney.

“I think Pierre McGuire should know better. Take a look at Semin’s plus-minus over the same period of time as Parise. Look at his plus-minus over any period against his teammates with the Capitals and you will see he is not that guy they say.”

In seven seasons with the Capitals, Semin recorded 197 goals and 409 points in 469 regular games. He was a plus-65 during that time. In seven seasons in New Jersey, Parise recorded 194 goals and 410 points in 502 games with a plus-57 rating.

In 51 career playoff games Semin has 15 goals and 34 points. Parise has 21 goals and 43 points in 61 career playoff games

Asked if the comments made about Semin might impact his ability to sign with another NHL team, Gandler said, “I don’t know. I hope not. Listen, fans are listening to this and fans sometimes drive owners. Sometimes for a big deal like Semin will be getting, you need owner approval and this is what the owners hear and that’s very bad.”
It's embarrassing what the TSN panel said. Can't wait for him to sign and prove all naysayers wrong.

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