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11-30-2003, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by YOUTH OF HABS
i know rivet hasn't had the best of luck this season, but booing him last night was not very classy. maybe the fans just had enough of his play and decided to let him know, maybe he will pick up his game...i just hope the boo's aren't there every time he touches the puck.

it was sad to see the look on his face last night...

wise up guys
Rivet does not play well since the begining of the year, but he tries hard noentheless. Maybe too much. He's not being lazy out there, he's just very limited talent wise. He needs to keep his game simple out there and have good confidence to be effective, both things that are lacking for him right now.

Nonetheless, I dot not endorse the booing of one single player like that, especially when the player works. It's classless and just makes him play worse. Boo the team as a whole when they're not showing off, but don't boo a single player. Look at what it did for Brisebois' confidence this year. I thought the morons booing would have figured it out by now.

I guess some will never learn...

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