Thread: Confirmed with Link: Flyers Sign Michael Leighton (1-year @ $900k)
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07-01-2012, 06:16 PM
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setting the record straight

Some people are not being logical, they are speaking through emotions, so lets get the facts straight.

ML is no longer that AHL journeyman he showed to be before getting to that goalie maturity level and no longer that type of scrub before Reese pointed out and worked on his flaws that dramatically improved his game. ML has a quick glove hand that is superior to many of the goalies we see today. ML is poised and not dazed by pressure or bad defensive outings, he does bounce back and can steal games during poor defensive lapses.
ML does however seem to have a problem with long season heavy work loads which he was not accustomed to after sitting on the bench, therefore as the season goes on his play tails off at the very end like last year in the AHL and that series against Chicago.
Of course we were playing the best team that was stacked offensively that our guys were to exhausted to cover and it was an offensive style series where both goalies were left to hang out to dry, so penalizing who ML is through his developing past or situations somewhat out of his control is extremely unfair, unwarranted and unappreciative to what he did do and can do.
Let's see if 1) he truly is the backup this year (this could be insurance in case we can't grab one)
and 2) let's see how he does with this defense in front of him in this new situation and how the team plays in front of him
Then we can pass judgment.

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