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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
The thing is with all of this is that we can say with 100% certainty that Poile did not sign Parenteau. Nobody can argue otherwise, it's a fact.

But to say that nobody can complain because maybe Poile wasn't in on the action in the first place, or maybe he offered a similar contract and the player just opted for another team. That's all speculation and what if's.

Surely it's not difficult for keen observers and defenders of rationality and logic to see the difference.
We rarely see disappointment expressed solely that player X wasn't signed. We routinely see expressions of displeasure in Poile for not signing the player. Continuing the Parenteau example ... "my first gripe of the day with poile" and "poile is the only one who can be blamed" ... both completely based on assumptions. None of us know if Poile made an offer, what that offer might have been, etc.

With Suter and Parise, we know that offers were made. Now, it's all a matter of speculation right now as to what we've offered either player and how competitive those offers are. If we get or don't get a player, we won't know if it is the result of pay structure or a desire to play in a certain division or local tax rates. What I'm confident of is that no matter what, somebody will blame Poile without fact.

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