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07-01-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Toughness fairy? What an embarrassing post.

Boston won a Stanley Cup with the "toughness fairy" on their team. The Kings had Kyle Clifford on their team with 10 fights.

You need to watch Prust play before you start disparaging him. Over the last two years, he has 7 short handed goals. One would think that he was "on the ice when the skilled players play" during those PP's.

I know it is tough for you to see Montreal moving in a different direction away from the soft passive team that we have been for way too long. Accept it. Times change and I am thankful that we finally have a management team that realized what our weaknesses are and did something about it.
LA and Boston were good teams period. Although LA got better when they benched useless tough guys and called up some real players from the AHL. Plus Boston was only marginally better than the supposedly butter soft Habs when they faced of in the playoffs and wouldn't have won but for unreal goaltending. Then got beaten this year by Washington. Toughness is just an ideologically convenient explanation for their success.

You can believe that 4th line bruisers make players they don't play with better all you want. But it rests on some dubious assumptions on how the NHL works.

Now there are ways physical play can help a team but the way most of you talk about it, it seems more like a magic toughness field rather than in ways it can actually help.

What the Habs needed was more scoring wingers and good defensive defensemen. Punching guys more isn't going to solve their problems. Rely on that helping and you'll be disappointed. Or you'll take credit for success that happened for other reasons.

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