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07-01-2012, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Regarding Eller, he is going to have to step up HIS game before we start worrying about who he has playing next to him. So far he has been underwhelming. This will be a make or break season for him. If he doesnt perform, well, time to look elsewhere. And to be fair, Eller is a 3rd line center so regardless of where he would be playing, he has to learn to succeed with "less than star" wingers.
I thought Eller stepped up his game last year by quite a lot actually. He showed his offensive flare when used as a center and given at least one good offensive winger. They dominated their opposition, spent most of their time in the offensive zone, had multiple chances, and produced. Not surprisingly, that ceased when we started using guys like Blunden or White there instead of AK.
His defensive game also progressed quite well. I'm going to have to disagree on you feeling he's been underwhelming. I think he's progressed nicely given his utilization.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Pleks was underwhelming last year as well (although that is not a statement critical of Pleks and demanding that we get rid of him).

Eller has a bigger upside than DD based on his size. I expect Eller to be better than DD this season. If not.........
Well, let's see how he'll be used then.
Plekanec is our best center, according to you, Eller is ahead of DD, yet Desharnais is the one that benefited from playing with our two best wingers last year.
If our coaching staff follows that trend, then you shouldn't expect a break out season from Eller, especially considering the fact his wingers, today, are scrappers.

Eller is not a superstar, his max potential seems to be a top 2 center, so I don't think it would be fair to expect someone without star power to simply step up and produce 20G-50pts playing with grinders, without getting PP time.

I understand that we want to see progression, but we have to be realistic too.
Eller needs better wingers and PP time if we want him to grow his offensive game.

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