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07-01-2012, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by DogEatDog View Post
since we are talking about the oilers

When did the meeting take place
Where dfid the meeting take place
Who was at this meeting
Why was there a meeting in the first place
What was discussed at this meeting

circumstancial or not--you need to put the oilers in the room or on the phone with Schultz prior to him becoming a UFA--when did this take place--you can not file charges because you think it may have happened

I think you guy have a case against 3 other teams, but with the oilers I need to hear or see the evidence
I'm just treating this as an intellectual exercise, I'm not insisting anything. I don't even know if we are using the right part of the CBA, but nobody else seems to know what section is required either.

Agreed they need SOME evidence, but it's unlikely that will be released until (if) tampering charges are leveled. If it exists. Obviously nobody on these boards will know.

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