Thread: Confirmed with Link: J.J. Daigneault hired as assistant coach
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07-01-2012, 09:34 PM
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Didn't voice my opinion already...had a vacation to attend to with the family...sorry guys....priorities....., but as I wanted, I liked the signing.

1- I do like the incoming of ex-habs that know what it takes to play here. You have to like the sense of reality that having ex-habs brings to this team.

2- Those are ex-habs....but TALENTED ones. Proven ex-habs, not la Houle or Tremblay at the time. Daigneault has paid his dues, ex-player and 6 years in the AHL...what's the next step if you don't really want to be a coach? Assistant coach in the we go. Whther he's the reason or part of the reason for some of the Rangesr to have blossom the way they did, we never know. We think we know based on the fact that some like McDo were there but not a whole lot, and some were there on a longer period of time, yet he is part of the organizaiotn and as far as we know, you could have an impact on somebody short or long term.

3- Not that old, fresh ideas, that knew the old NHL and now perfectly well the new hockey and what is being asked to d-men.

Now, would I have wish to see Robinson? Surely. But I love how people are jumping to conclusions, so Robinson spoke to the Habs TWICE....but never was interviewed....okay so what does that mean? First time, was to solely say that he was available...and the 2nd time was to confirm it? Geez, they interviewed everybody in this world for every freakin job available and people don't think there's a good reason for a guy like Robinson to NOT be interviewed...and especially when you hear that they spoke to him TWICE? Again, how are those not considered interviews and if they weren,t....any chance something important was said in those talks that made them realized that he wasn't the man? And what if the first time it was us calling him to ask for his interest...and then the 2nd time was Robinson calling to inform them that he finally wasn't interested? I mean, we can hate a decision or prented that this or that scenario happened with the infos we have...but don't understand are down on Therrien and Habs for not interviewing Robinson, yet don't really think about the 2 "talks" they had together....Not 1....2. 1, you could solely sad it's a talk to know how both parties are seeing it. But Twice? It had to go further.

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