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07-02-2012, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
*sigh* the point is not how they acquired their D. The point is that they only moved any of their D when it was proven to them that they had the guys pushing for the minutes. They weren't speculating, as you are here. They really did have the players. We can bring in UFAs all we want. There's no guarantee they'll be successful. We can plug in Erixon on the roster all we want. There's no guarantee he's even an NHL player at this point. There's a big difference between knowing something to be true and just believing it to be true.

So you could very well be right. But on a team whose success hinges on their defensive abilities and whose success wont hinge on their offense even if they do trade for Nash or Ryan, it's not a risk worth taking.
That's why I used the Quebec example. I'm sure Lacroix didnt want to trade Sundin and Nolan, but those two trades (terrible in retrospect) gave the Av's two Cups. They traded Nolan for Ozolinsh because they had a stacked team with no PMD. They traded Sundin for Clark (who was flipped for Lemieux) because they were a soft team.

They traded two of the game's best young forwards because they already had Sakic, Forsberg, Kamensky, Kovalenko, Young and Rucinsky.

I love Staal, and he was clearly the Rangers best d-man in the playoffs. But he has a ton of worth and could get a guy like Ryan or Nash straight up. Sather would never do it but I would take that risk.

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