Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-01-2012, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
better "waisting" 1M$ of a 70M$ cap on a guy who is among the best in the league in his role (bottom-6 gritty player who can actually play meaningful minutes and defend his teammates at all costs), then "waisting" 2-3-4M$ as we have in recent years on "skilled" players who perform as poorly as Gomez/Kaberle/Bourque.

2.5M$ is steep, but if he plays the way he has the past 2 years in N.Y (or even continues to improve, b/c this guy has steadily improved over the past 4-5 seasons... he's lightyears ahead of the player he was in Calgary a few seasons ago), then he will be giving our team an element we sorely needed and at a cap hit that won't be very difficult to account for.

Gomez or Kaberle under performing on massive cap hits hurts far more than a 2-3M$ player under performing (and this assumes he will underperform) b/c it seriously impacts the ability to spend elsewhere.

i'm a believer that every dollar counts, and a bad contract is a bad contract, but I think Prust has at least a decent shot at giving us solid value at his cap hit, and the downside if he doesn't isn't big enough to warrant excessive "negative nancy" comments on signing day.

guess we'll see...
For one thing there is an upside to overpaying for skill that there isn't for overpaying for depth.

For the other, its because Montreal has a bunch of underperforming salary on the books that they can't diddle around tossing money to luxuries like Prust. They have serious needs, especially on LW that need addressing where 1 million can be the difference between getting someone serviceable or not given how tight Montreal's cap situation is going to be this summer.

Take Prust's salary and add what you paid for another depth D in Bouillion and you have 4 million. The price of a middle-tier player in this market like Souray or Parenteau or Penner. That's where the team really needs help right now.

Also Prust's biggest advantage over normal 4th liners as a player is that he's a good PK winger. Something the team had absolutely no need for with current personnel. In generally I reject the idea the team desperately needed Prust. I think his value to the squad is getting vastly over-stated.

My prefered alternative is something like McClement. 2 years shorter term, 1 million less and a solid defensive center that would solidify the 4th line. That was an actual need. With Prust we're talking about sub-optimally shifting over a winger or playing Nokialainen to center the 4th unit.

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