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Seems to be common practice around the boards to post team predictions, so **** it, misewell make an ass of myself

Factor in injuries and (Nate, Frk) playing in the WJC....

Nathan MacKinnon, 40-45 goals, 55-60 assists... Somewhere around 100-105 points

Jonathan Drouin 32-35 goals, 53-56 assists. Pretty high on Drouin more than any other player, so I easily see him somewhere around 90 points as he isn't far off Nate.

Marty Frk 40-43 goals, 43-46 assists... 85+ points if healthy

Stefan Fournier, don't expect too much of a jump as a 20yo, but with players around him... 35 goals, 35 assists. Expect 70+ points.

Matt Boudreau 30-32 goals, 35-38 assists. Did pretty well last year, hit a snag in the playoffs. A lot of players see their best jump from 18-19... We'll see.

Jack Eichel - Now it gets tricky. A) Not a guarantee to come B) Was the best player in the draft, but is nothing like the 2011 Draft so it's hard to predict... Could hit 50+ points

Luca Ciampini .... sigh, Oh boy... Showed promise in rookie season and beginning of this season. Potential alone we could see 50+ points... Which I would take an run lol.

Andrew Ryan, See Ciampini, but more upside and size than IMO... Can't tell, stay healthy lol

Brent Andrews - Couldn't give a damn about his point total. Best 3rd line center in the Q, and we need his defensive abilities. Had same number of points when he was 17 and 18... I'll go 15 goals, 17 assists.

Falkenham - See Andrews... 9 goals 10 assists

Darcy Ashley, almost forgot about Ash. Really like him, lots of energy, hits, defensive and capable of 60+ points... 27 goals, 35 assists.


KA - 14 goals (SHOOT THE ****IN PUCK YOU HAVE A CANNON ) and 39 assists

Steve Gillard - Showed he has skill with the puck when healthy this year. 2 career goals lol... 2 goals, 14 assists. Probably will be lower, really need him for his defensive abilities more.

Trey Lewis - 6 goals, 16 assists

Brendan Duke - 4 goals, 13 assists

Austyn Hardie - 0 goals, 1 assist liked his D last year as a rookie. Expecting some development too.

Mac Weegar - Unknown. But rumored to have offensive abilities..... So i'll go chsb style and say 33 goals an 12 assists to take the pressure of Konrad

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