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Originally Posted by Pleky Roks View Post
Terrible signing!!!

The defence needs a BIG, rugged defensive defencemen not a 5'8 defencemen that we let walk away from the team 2 or 3 years ago!!!

Boullion wasn't effective back then and he's no better now....and to give him that kind of money is a huge mistake.

There are SEVERAL better options out there than Boullion.

I like the Armstrong and Prust signings though!! Prust is making a little too much money, but you always overpay for free agents.
Boullion wasn't effective? Seems like blind hate.

The guy gives it his all, and is VERY PHYSICAL,i don't know what your talking about cause you won't find many more physical guy's than him .

Who was you dreaming about Bryan Allen? He threw 111 hits in 82 games

Boullion 2010-11 had 133 hits in 44 GAMES......

I think ya need to wake up here.

Boullion got a much better more MOBILE defense to play in now....

He was good in Nashville,and darn well good enough for Habs.

As Pierre MCGUIRE said today, IF THERRIEN goes off the rails, Boullion is a guy who can keep the room in check and let everyone know he seen this before....don't underestimate the importance of that.He know's MT very well,the rest DON'T

Emelin and Boullion is bad news for opponents,between the 2 of them about 450 hits ,maybe more

Boillion went to Nashville when Montreal started to turn the team into wimps /no toughness,players like him was against the rules.

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