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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
That was more about him staying healthy. He didn't do anything he wasn't capable of doing in Minnesota. He just made it through the entire season.
The only full season he played was this year, so you only get partial credit. His career year here was a 76 game season which is comparable to his best year before that which was 77 games. He has scored at a .95 ppg pace since becoming a Ranger, that's a marked improvement on his .87 ppg pace in Minnesota.

Obviously it's not that simple but it's not like he only played one season here he's now played 220 games for us so that is a fair sample size. Is it because we are better than Minnesota? Tough to say could just be because he is healthier, but it isn't like he hasn't had his issues here with injuries.

Originally Posted by nyrmike88 View Post
These "pro nash fans" are just as you say do not understand the art of crafting a team...and thinking long term instead of short term...I smell not just nuggets off this guy, but the stench of Gomez, Drury, Holik, Lindros etc...this would be an old school sather type deal...i really hope sather dosen't crack under pressure and do something as stupid as get rid of our amazingly youthful longterm youth...we have the perfect team, that just need certain pieces added to be a championship team, but not at the cost of young talent like DZ, Kreider, Mcdonagh etc...Dubbie as much as i love the guy is a piece that can be forfited...We need to add a little scoring depth and maybe a quaterback Defenceman for the power i would love to get suter, and perry...( maybe jags short term for some extra depth while our youth develops)
Please... Don't make blanket statements you're just going to make yourself look bad. I have a hard time believing Nash would be anything like Gomez, Drury, Holik or Lindros. He's more talented than the first 3 and Lindros was a shell of his former self when he played here. How many times does Sather have to say he isn't trading Kreider, Stepan, and McDonagh before people believe him?

Many of us would be OK with Nash if the deal is right and that doesn't mean "gutting" the team, that is asinine and anyone who thinks that any of us favor that kind of deal is completely misguided.

You think Nash is an old school Rangers move? How about an over the hill and slow Jagr? If anything that is exactly the type of move we would have made back in the dark ages, don't get me wrong I love Jagr but the guy is on the decline.

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